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 Blood SmearBlood smear is a type of test conducted on the blood sample which shares information about the blood cells. Blood is drawn from the vein from any part of the body. Very often it is taken from the hand or elbow portion. The area in which the blood sample is to be taken is cleaned with an antiseptic medicine or lotion. The nurse will tie an elastic band for getting grip and sustaining pressure in the area so that the veins are filled with blood. Then the needle is inserted into the vein and the blood is collected into the tube which is attached to the needle. After taking the blood smear the site which was punctured is covered suitably to avoid any excess of bleeding.

The blood smear taken from the individual is sent to the lab for carrying out further investigation in the microscope. The blood smear will show the total number of white blood cells and the abnormality if any found in them. Further it gives information about the platelets present in the blood cell.

Reasons :

The blood smear test is performed for several reasons. For checking the general health condition of the patient, for diagnosing any specific illness and for finding any disorder concerned with blood cells the test is administered on the individuals. For people who are suspected with any type of blood disorder this test is useful in finding out the outcome. Blood smear test is used for determining the presence of hairy cell leukemia and hemoglobin content and also for keeping track of the effects of chemotherapy on the patients.
Blood Smear Blood Smear

Result of the test :

The blood smear test is considered normal if the blood cells appear normally under the microscope and if the white blood cells can be differentiated normally. The number of white blood cells will decide your fitness and health aspect with respect to many diseases.

In case the results are abnormal, this will be indicated and confirmed by the difference in size of the cells, shape and color coating of the red blood cells. Usually the results are graded according to the illness in a 4 point scale, having the least number for minor illness and having 4+ grade shows that major cells are affected. If there is any problem in the liver or spleen it will reflect on the result of blood smear test.

Although the test can be taken within 2 minutes, it has some risk factor associated with it. Sometimes there may be excess of bleeding after the test is taken. In some cases the patient may get fainted due to blood loss.

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