Cherry Angiomas

Cherry Angiomas is a common type of skin disorder which is not harmful. The surface layer of the skin will develop small red colored bumps or lesions like growth. This lesion will occur in any part of the body but it is observed more commonly in the stomach area. This disorder does not pose any pain or danger to the affected person. Since it looks like a cherry in color and shape, the name Cherry Angiomas is given to this disorder.

There are many types of Angiomas namely Spider angiomas which affect children and senile angiomas affecting people of any age group. The growth of the skin is benign and there is nothing to worry about it.

Symptoms :

The trunk area of the affected person will develop small red lesions usually like a bump measuring ¼ inch in diameter. The color of the lesion is from dull red to bright red and is soft to touch.

Causes :

The causative factor which accounts for Cherry angiomas is still not known. Some believe that this disorder is due to the inherited genes or genetic changes. Statistics say that 90% of Cherry angiomas patient are only women. Old age is said to cause this illness.

Treatment :

Normally this disease does not require any kind of treatment since it is not dangerous and does not cause pain on the affected person. Still if you want to remove the spots electro-dissection is done using small electric needle. Some doctors treat them with liquid nitrogen which is usually sprayed on the affected part. Cryotherapy is another form of treatment in which the surgeon freezes the area with gas. Many women go for treatment only for cosmetic purpose. There are cases in which people get cherry angiomas even after removing them.

Pictures of Cherry Angiomas
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Cherry Angiomas Cherry Angiomas Cherry Angiomas Cherry Angiomas Cherry Angiomas Cherry Angiomas Cherry Angiomas Cherry Angiomas

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