Chicken Pox

The chickenpox is characterized by fluid like blisters which erupt from the lesions. It is one of the contagious diseases which infect you during childhood. Many children and sometimes even adults are getting infected with chickenpox. The individual who is affected with chickenpox will develop several hundreds of small blisters or lesions on the skin and it often spreads throughout the body.

Causes :

The virus by name varicella zoster causes chickenpox. Since this disease is highly contagious it is better to treat the affected person in a separate room. In case the child gets infected with chickenpox he will not be sent to school unless he gets completely cured. The disease spreads from the infected person to others on touching the fluid like blisters on the skin. It can spread to other persons of the house when the infected person coughs or sneezes near you. Even one person who is infected with mild chickenpox will transmit the disease to the entire family.

Though the exact cause of the virus attack is not known, chickenpox usually affects the children with weakened immunity. In some children the immune system gets reduced due to prolonged intake of antibiotics like steroids and repeated chemotherapy.

Symptoms :

It usually starts as a light fever with cold and loss of appetite. Next day the person develops rashes on the skin on the entire body leaving no area. There will be severe itching sensation and irritation on the skin when tiny spots like blisters develop. This condition will prevail for 2-4 days and subsequently the fluid filled blisters will break out. The blisters will be like dark red spots on the skin causing irritation and loss of appetite. After 4 days the blisters will rupture from the head area and slowly it breaks out in the body. This is the time when the disease spreads to others. Most of the types of chickenpox will not leave any scar on the body and it will wither off automatically.

Treatment :

Many persons who are affected with chickenpox will be left to cure on their own. It is necessary to keep the infected person isolated for preventing spreading of disease. In some cases, children are given oatmeal baths to provide comfort from itching sensation. Doctors would prescribe oral histamines for controlling irritation along with topical ointments. The medications are to be given within the first day of the onset of rashes. For healthy children and individuals treatment is not given and the disease will settle down after some days. However it is necessary to treat the people who have lung infection and skin disorder like eczema with antiviral medications like aspirin.

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